I immigrated to the United States when I was twelve. My dad had to stay in Seoul, South Korea to tend to his company, leaving me, my sister, and my mom to figure things out on our own for a while. It was tough learning English and getting used to American traditions, but it made me appreciate diversity and become compassionate towards people who also had similar experiences.

I attended Wydown Middle School in Clayton, Missouri and went to the Bishop's School in La Jolla, California for high school. I went back to Missouri for college, where I attended Washington University in St. Louis and studied Chemistry and Computer Science. I worked with Professor Richard Mabbs, who sparked my interest in physical chemistry. I took a gap year after I got my bachelor's working for Professor Robert Continetti at University of California, San Diego and Professor Mark Brouard at Oxford University in England. Now, I'm at University of California, Los Angeles, working on my PhD with Professor Justin Caram.

Education is a big part of my life. I was lucky to have met so many amazing teachers and professors who were willing to listen to my problems and encourage me to be a better person. The people I met in the scientific community have been so inspiring: intelligent, devoted, and always willing to help. I would like to meet more diverse people in science, and encourage younger students to be bold, to realize that the scientific community is not just about being proficient. But about discovering new ways to make each other and the world a better place.