Community College Outreach Partnership

From June 2020

Working with Chemistry professors to establish a partnership between the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with an existing community college outreach organization to provide mentorship and an avenue of opportunities for community college transfer students.

Kitchen Science

May 2020

I prepared and presented a remote 1-hour talk on surface wettability to a group of high school students and teachers from the local community with a team of graduate students.

October 2018-2019

Univision Education Fair is one of the largest education fairs in the nation that promotes STEM education for Latinos. This year's Univision Education Fair was held at East Los Angeles College.

In Univision 2018, I helped run a booth at Cal State Northridge for thousands of youth and families attending the event.

March 2019-May 2020

I mentored a group of high school students to compete in the annual Nanovation Competition at CNSI. My group suggested adding silicon-based nanoparticles into water filters to specifically target microplastics; they won second-place and won a $1000 prize.

Bell Gardens High School

December, 2019

I went with a bunch of other graduate students to the Bell Gardens high school to talk about various nanoscience workshops and talk about going into STEM careers.

November 2018-2019

I participated in the 11th and 10th annual Exploring Your Universe event and helped set up a booth about sound and light waves (called Illuminating the World of Molecules), where more than 7000 students and their families come to UCLA to explore scientific concepts in a fun and engaging environment.